Wednesday, February 23, 2011


how the fuck does he do it? he gets me every single time. no designer is more true to his underground aesthetic than tisci. what riccardo puts on the runway comes straight from his soul. gothic and punk yet so sophisticated and timeless. i can wear his clothes, my girlfriends can wear his clothes, my brother who is 15 and listens to rap can wear his clothes, and my father who golfs and works in finance can wear his clothes. incredibly genius. with such a distinct goth kid vibe its really amazing that he can produce a collection that would appeal to so many. not to mention the volume of looks he produces each season. when i see shit like this i think 'wow i should have gone to school and learned how to write well, so at times like this i could express myself better with written word' because i am at a loss. i. love. riccardo. tisci. for. givenchy. xxx

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