Thursday, December 16, 2010


i have no words for the green look, that sweater. silver look is so fly girl. and the last two white ones are tied for first. love the metallic copper paint on the sides of that skirt and those j.lo done right boots with like long johns no less. all photos


so awang's ss11 is really cool. 90s hip hop dance girl group meets impeccable future tron construction worker man. really digging the layers of light fabrics and the harder more geometric jackets and vests. its the perfect juxtapose of hard and soft but also masculine and feminine. nice job mr wang

awangss11 shoes

love these shoes. they have a very timberland work boot quality to them especially in the tobacco suede (not pictured). this grey putty color was my favorite. i will take them in a 41 please.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


this is a jada. jada is an amazing colorist at trio evanston. she's been doing this really cool dred thing when she styles me lately. i ran into her tonight and she was sporting some piece-y locks herself.
i have been absent... things to come

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