Thursday, July 29, 2010



went to d'amatos for lunch yesterday. best pizza in the world. they are renovating but temporarily open across the street. there is an awesome sandwich shop next door called bari foods, caprese sandwich with prosciutto is so good from there. the neighborhood is truly italian. the people that live around grand and ogden are amazing. they have such a cool vibe and style. i really wanted to shoot some of them but was too chicken to ask. maybe next time. birks, ksubi, rick, balenciaga, vaurnets. do yourself a favor and get to d'amatos
1124 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL‎ - (312) 733-5455

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dinner for pornstars

this is what i wore to dinner at gibson's in rosemont last saturday. gibsons is basically my favorite place to eat due to the fact it is consistent and easy. it's a classic american steakhouse that attracts the exact type that you would think a classic american steakhouse would. once ron jeremy walked passed me i knew it was not going to be an ordinary night at gibbys. there was some adult film convention close by and all the porn stars were out and about eating and drinking. with all of this going on i couldn't figure out why the lady next to me was focussed on myself instead of the very colorful crowd. she would not stop looking at me. this annoyed me. i finished my beef medallions and left. nick and i went there 2 nights ago and my favorite waiter bill told me that after i left the lady asked him if a. he saw my chanel bag & b.what kind of porn star i was. bill was nice enough to inform her that i'm not in adult films and i live in the area and regularly go there. i wonder what was it that had this woman convinced i was in the industry. was it the fact i'm a man with a purse or was it my porno hair?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

jack sparrow goes to dinner

110 degrees the other night, I was craving bbq pulled pork and I got al and nick to go out to dinner with me. our destination changed thirty times before I realized I actually wanted sloppy joe. Silver Cloud is the only place to go for that. we ate the most amazing food. Sloppy joe with tator tots for me, chicken pot pie fore al, bacon grilled cheese for nick. I'm so glad our clothes were in season since our choice of food wasn't. Al has the best patterned summer dresses and her tiny wrists roped in cute kiddie bracelets. I kept it simple with a light cotton shirt by loden dager and plaid skate shorts by quicksilver. Nick wore a really gauzy shirt by stephan allen and vintage diesel jeans.

ps i looked like homeless pirate stoner. i was being lazy and didn't change bags, i wanted to save this newbie for a special post but i couldn't resist the contrast was just too funny.

Sunday, July 25, 2010



my friends and i have been juicing a lot as of late

the colors are really inspiring and after i have a glass of fresh juice i get a really nice, natural energy buzz.
annie pulled this blanket out of nowhere the other day. amazing. it matched our juice perfectly.
the blanket reminds me of this little beaded bag my mom got as a free gift from nieman's in the eighties. it's the perfect camera bag right now but i used to use it for jewelry and it was a fancy way to hide my cigarettes and lighter in my backpack when i was in high school.

days at the office

been super busy with working, buying, returning, and not sleeping. more posts to come. love annie's nautical stripe and boy by band of outsiders shirt with her amazing givenchy bag, a gift from adam I helped pick out at blake in chicago.

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