Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dinner for pornstars

this is what i wore to dinner at gibson's in rosemont last saturday. gibsons is basically my favorite place to eat due to the fact it is consistent and easy. it's a classic american steakhouse that attracts the exact type that you would think a classic american steakhouse would. once ron jeremy walked passed me i knew it was not going to be an ordinary night at gibbys. there was some adult film convention close by and all the porn stars were out and about eating and drinking. with all of this going on i couldn't figure out why the lady next to me was focussed on myself instead of the very colorful crowd. she would not stop looking at me. this annoyed me. i finished my beef medallions and left. nick and i went there 2 nights ago and my favorite waiter bill told me that after i left the lady asked him if a. he saw my chanel bag & b.what kind of porn star i was. bill was nice enough to inform her that i'm not in adult films and i live in the area and regularly go there. i wonder what was it that had this woman convinced i was in the industry. was it the fact i'm a man with a purse or was it my porno hair?


Brittney said...

porno hair.

annie said...

Love the photography. the out-of-focus shots really put you into perspective and are reflective of your style. And your "costume" had so much irony and contrast. Wish I got to indulge in a nice steak dinner with my boys...

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