Monday, January 31, 2011


i know it's really obvious for me to say "i love the olsens! they are so cool. blah. blah. blah." i  just wanted to share some of my other favorite pics of them. i'm obsessed with olsen's anonymous it's one of my favorite blogs everyone i know checks it daily. such an easy place to find great inspiration. can someone please tell me where i can find the fendi spy clutch pictured with white dress and white and pink vali shoes? i need it. i mean just check out how versatile these two are from grunge to boardroom chic to evening wear yet everything is very cohesive and tied together. they are the shit.

Friday, January 28, 2011

late lake look

athletic organic

i noticed a really athletic vibe lately. balenciaga's sneakers are off the hook. everyone is doing track jackets and a lot of the pants even in suiting had a track pant cut. i'm diggin it.

he has come undone

 love the horizontal zipper
 jacket = drool
 cardigan love. washed leather jean love love love.
 my favorite lapel
 the perfect suit? check.
i have always been a huge fan of bottega. all of there mens stuff is just so wearable and the material is very everyday luxe. this collection was perfect; the cut on the suits are very relaxed. slim lapels with high buttons raw edges collars up. so norm and not fashion fashion. its like the guys guy collection no frills no fuss. beautiful classic quintessential italian masculine luxury. ps washed leather jean is the mens answer to the row's motorcycle pant.

my favorite shades of grey

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

alexander mcqueen madmen


sarah burton created such a cool communist compound mood for this falls alexander mcqueen men's collection. reminds me of v for vendetta.


feeling sick lately. thinking about how badly i want it to be summer and how pissed off i am that i'm not in paris. this photograph exemplifies what i am feeling minus the cigarette indoors (gross)
boredom. longing. stillness. discontent. i made a twitter for WJP last night. i haven't used it yet. i honestly don't get it. i wish we could all go back to having pagers. remember pagers and pay phones? none of this shit is necessary. this blog. facebook. twitter. the rest. does it do anything for anyone? other than isolating people under false notions that whatever they are doing is bringing them together? is our future in front of a screen full of pictures of people we used to know? i'm definitely not the first person to pose this question. god i must really need some fresh air and/or a thunderstorm.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

get some voodoo

here are some stills from lykke li's bad ass new video for her song "get some"
i really dig the witchy vibes. in the end it looks lykke li conjures some evil spirit inside a circle of candles. this makes me want to bust out a ouija board next weekend and have some fun. check out her video here.

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