Wednesday, January 26, 2011


feeling sick lately. thinking about how badly i want it to be summer and how pissed off i am that i'm not in paris. this photograph exemplifies what i am feeling minus the cigarette indoors (gross)
boredom. longing. stillness. discontent. i made a twitter for WJP last night. i haven't used it yet. i honestly don't get it. i wish we could all go back to having pagers. remember pagers and pay phones? none of this shit is necessary. this blog. facebook. twitter. the rest. does it do anything for anyone? other than isolating people under false notions that whatever they are doing is bringing them together? is our future in front of a screen full of pictures of people we used to know? i'm definitely not the first person to pose this question. god i must really need some fresh air and/or a thunderstorm.

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