Tuesday, October 19, 2010

all hallow's eve approaches

midnight mcfluries

this is appropriate attire to get ice cream from mcdonalds at midnight. alexis and i go all the time. we are members of the people who cant sleep club. this is what nick wore last night. rick owens sweatshirt. green mesh shorts. navy alfani long johns. adidas materials of the world: japan high tops.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


this look reminds me of nancy botwin from showtime's weeds. love that show. i love oversized slip under her dress. sunday below monday. one of my favs. hair also by philip. the sueded python boots are siiiick shit.


my hair gets a lot of attention. more than i'd like. i'm really into ombre hair, or intentional roots. ombre means gradual in french. all of my color credit goes to philip palmeri at trio evanston. phil is a really warm person and knows how to put his clients at ease. i've watched him work for years and have never seen someone leave unhappy. jada is also an amazing colorist there and she took care of my texture and gives a great brazilian blowout. diesel jean jacket. tom ford glasses. god save mcqueen scarf from helen yi.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


work has been crazy. pulling, picking up dropping off. buying filler returning extras. underpinning kit supplies. clients shoots tests campaigns. i have not had time to do a thing. lots of goodies in the oven i'll be sharing soon. many things to come.


the wrestler

since the first time i saw the wrestler in theaters i was obsessed with what mickey rourke's character was wearing. i want to be him for halloween but every year i pick a costume that looks like me and everyone thinks i'm not dressed up. i will post some we just people official wrestler looks in the next few days.

the brown room

the brown room is were all my clothes live. i hate clutter but i love this space. i try to keep it clean and together but it's always messy and falling apart.

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