Thursday, November 17, 2011

mI P H O N Etakes pictures

 this is my ugly mug
i only look decent in soft focus
 this me on the reg
(pants unbuttoned)
 this is me and alexis
she is such a babe
 this is me in my dads tims and nick in his own tims
this particular night adam nick and i had matching shoes on
 this is my hand
this is my favorite snack
this is what i'll miss when i move to the city
look at these trees


so here's the thing, i love marc
i appreciate what he does so much
i love the collection stores 
especially the one in chicago 
i really love everyone who works there 
they are the best
let me play with everything
the thing is, i never really buy or wear his clothes
i want to but i get scared they wont work on me
i have some accessories
bags, gifts, i love bang deodorant
but for some reason the clothes just weren't really for me
until now
 this coat was made for me
 & this entire look

 you know how i feel about striped sweaters

 and coats 
 makes me want to wear a suit and be a grown up man

 this makes me want to be a mad man or j. edgar

 ok now i really want to start wearing suits
but i want to keep wearing striped sweaters too

hopefully this fall i'll get over to marc by marc and grab a bunch of this stuff
i better get on it though, 
it's already november


marcs answer to the isabel marant sneaker wedge
i really really want these 
there is a hidden wedge in them

Monday, November 7, 2011

things on a bench

techno marine watch from eighth grade
my cross necklace
cool tubes denise me in florence
rave bracelets nick and eve made
religious icons
a necklace from greece my mom got when she was thirteen
black pearls
crystal ash tray i got for two bucks
magazines italian vogue rush another etc
grunge book vintage tshirts dr martens bad hair the fashion book
naked girls smoking weed
the awesome ikram invitation i will never get rid of
my purse
harry the monster


this is an editorial i styled a while ago that's being featured on ben trovato right now

the diabolist from Billy Rood on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

5IVE out of SE7EN days a week

 i wear some variation of this outfit 5 out of 7 days a week
(sometimes more)

 awesome elder statesman hat i took from my dad
 texas t shirt
diesel flannel

 burberry cardigan
diesel fingerless gloves
 givenchy rottweiler scarf
best gift ever thanks nick

 chanel boy bag
 faliero sarti incredible giant scarf from chalk
never heard of them before i'm really glad they are on my radar now
it's made of camel?

yeah i wear these pants all the time
i've had this flannel on for weeks
the t shirt changes every two days
sometimes i wear a different sweater
i'm really glad i got this bag
you can see in the second to last picture the leather has this really cool 
i'm not sure if it was intended but i love it

Thursday, November 3, 2011


i don't know i guess i'm really into givenchy
i think hunter s thompson would approve of this collection
if he was alive he might have been interested in one of the croc trimmed visors or 
a pair of the amazing shades
o'keeffe would have loved the florals, color combinations and shapes
even more than i do

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