Thursday, November 17, 2011


so here's the thing, i love marc
i appreciate what he does so much
i love the collection stores 
especially the one in chicago 
i really love everyone who works there 
they are the best
let me play with everything
the thing is, i never really buy or wear his clothes
i want to but i get scared they wont work on me
i have some accessories
bags, gifts, i love bang deodorant
but for some reason the clothes just weren't really for me
until now
 this coat was made for me
 & this entire look

 you know how i feel about striped sweaters

 and coats 
 makes me want to wear a suit and be a grown up man

 this makes me want to be a mad man or j. edgar

 ok now i really want to start wearing suits
but i want to keep wearing striped sweaters too

hopefully this fall i'll get over to marc by marc and grab a bunch of this stuff
i better get on it though, 
it's already november

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