Monday, August 23, 2010

color palette

i found this painting at my dad's. i had to enhance the image so the colors really came out. it's really inspiring and is exactly the colors i'm going for this fall. it reminds me of the "dust" color in rick owens, alexander wang and gareth pugh's collections. this image is really erie. i can't tell what it is. maybe a face? i don't know. i love it.

ray of light

nick in diesel jeans, nike shoes, jockey v neck, mark jacobs fox tail, and custom ray bans.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

moonman on milwaukee

glasses marc jacobs collection. tank marc by marc jacobs. white jeans nudie. ivory sneakers prada. bag alexander wang. george is wearing shirt shoes and shorts from barcelona.

cartoon car

before going to eyewant in wicker park to pick out some glasses with george i had to snap a few of this wall.

i want to be your milkman


this is chad. he is a man with great style. recently i've been extremely impressed with his outfits. i styled a photo shoot for trio evanston, the salon where he cuts hair and this is what he was wearing. i love his bow tie, suspenders, short sleeve button up, cuffed levis, boots, dego t, and his madonna tattoo. i basically love chad atwood. ladies he will give you a kick ass up-do.

farting in your face

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


most refreshing thing on a sweltering chicago summer day. george and i were shopping around division and after we stopped at one of my favorite stores, bonnie & clyde's we stumbled into starfruit. after an explanation on what kefir is and how starfruit works i got peach swirl with mango strawberry and mango. it rocked my world.

sweet whip

i've always wanted one.

meet me at the horse

this is one of my favorite meeting places in the city. i have some of the best memories connected with this spot. glasses and chain marc jacobs belt gucci shorts save kahki shoes y3. elena in j crew.

once a marine...

i was never a marine. shirt sofia shorts abercrombie scarf mcqueen shoes birks. nicks cut theresa tufte at maxine's & color jada cho at trio evanston.

rabbit fingers

meet alexis, she's great.


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