Tuesday, July 27, 2010

jack sparrow goes to dinner

110 degrees the other night, I was craving bbq pulled pork and I got al and nick to go out to dinner with me. our destination changed thirty times before I realized I actually wanted sloppy joe. Silver Cloud is the only place to go for that. we ate the most amazing food. Sloppy joe with tator tots for me, chicken pot pie fore al, bacon grilled cheese for nick. I'm so glad our clothes were in season since our choice of food wasn't. Al has the best patterned summer dresses and her tiny wrists roped in cute kiddie bracelets. I kept it simple with a light cotton shirt by loden dager and plaid skate shorts by quicksilver. Nick wore a really gauzy shirt by stephan allen and vintage diesel jeans.

ps i looked like homeless pirate stoner. i was being lazy and didn't change bags, i wanted to save this newbie for a special post but i couldn't resist the contrast was just too funny.

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