Wednesday, February 23, 2011

cholo goth varsity dogfight

 i'm about to start rocking skirts. be ready friends, family, and fellow chicagoans.
 nick look #1
 tom shovel smeller look #1
 no words #1
 shovel smeller look #2
 nick look #2
 this look is what hipsters in high school failed to achieve
 nick look #3
 fur bomber and leather pleated shorts. no big deal.
no words #2

1 comment:

Truth Hurts, Don't It? said...

"this look is what hipsters in high school failed to achieve"... Thats funny, your blog seems be going for that look. You have a very long way to go before you can make any judgements on taste. Pictures of your designer-brand stuff and your rich suburbanite friends doesn't prove or show that you have style. If anything, it just looks like you and your friends are playing dress up to look like you live in the city. Stick to what you know: Juicy Couture sweats and Uggs.

Im sure your Daddy would also appreciate you getting a job and not wasting his money too. ;)

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