Wednesday, March 28, 2012


spin pins are key
they are the best thing in the world to me right now
because they hold my hair up all day with
zero damage
i'm addicted to lindt milk chocolate
i always have dry roasted salted almonds 
i take all my bracelets and watches off at some point
eye drops are great in the morning after coffee
because my eyes are usually red and 
they can also be used on red skin 
i've loved rotho since high school
they are intense i caution you against using them while driving
notebooks are a staple 
i love moleskine
i love this rubber techno marine i got in eighth grade 
black sunglasses are always useful
the strobe flashes at work have been driving me nuts lately
these dior homme do the trick
theres some mac lip erase in there
along with bobbi brown soothing balm
thats amazing for lips or hands cuticles everything
altoids duh

i got this joe malone at christmas 
it's some special blend and i love it
this is another scent from barneys thats really light
when mixed with the joe malone i think it smells
like laundry detergent (one of my favorite smells)
brown lighters are my favorite 
shiseido makes this awesome lip balm with SPF that lasts forever
harry of course
inkind hand cream from dominicks
smells great and has a dry powdery finish
not greasy at all
chanel nail polish
sofia matches
parking ticket

i love this bottega bag so much
nick got it for me on supersale at barneys
i wanted it really bad and it was super expensive 
he found out it was like 70% off and made them stay open late
so i could get it before someone else did
the shape is so bad ass
i've never seen another one in this color 
i've never seen another purse this color in general

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