Friday, March 23, 2012

one man's skirt five different ways

orange UNIF sweater from sofia
texas t shirt
yellow steven alan shirt
stylestalker skirt from sofia
diesel jeans
supra skate shoes
rick owens monster named harry from ikram
nixon watch
marc jacobs limited edition glasses
chicago may not be a fashion city 
but it's 
a retail city
one of my favorite things about being here is that you can watch stores evolve and grow
from hermes moving out of a narrow store on oak 
to the old barneys 
which had opened up because of
barneys move across the street to a six story mega department store
and ikram's move from rush street to their new beautiful and enormous space on huron
now a new vera wang
one of my favorite stories is that of sofia
formerly sofia vintage discretely located on clark and division in an office building
specializing in high end vintage pieces 
it was a secret spot for those in the know 
now a year after their move to their new oak street location
is featuring the coolest young brands like
it has become one of my favorite spots to pop in just to say hi
i love the girls that work there and the casual friendly atmosphere they have created
it's such a great vibe
i wanted this UNIF sweater back in fall in black but ended up getting it for annie
there was an awesome UNIF skirt too i missed
some things are better that way because today 
i ended up getting the sweater in orange which is a huge departure from my norm
and then i found this stylestalker skirt and 
it looked just right over the jeans i had on
it's so bad when what you're wearing matches everything you try on
isn't it?
steven alan is the shit
his plaid shirts are like butter i've had this one for years and
i love everything about it 
it's like gauze
these supra shoes i got in colorado visiting annie at school
4 years ago 
i think they were like 40$ and they have more than withstood 
the test of time
i added a screw i found on the ground to them not long ago
i love it 


ADW said...

Love this post. You look like The Johnald/Paul/Lennon/Magnificent. I love how you take risks that are so natural to who you are. Well done, Sir.

Shanitzara said...

So CooLLL ^___^

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