Friday, February 17, 2012

women's fashion week fall 2012

 jason wu
 marc jacobs collection
phillip lim
all images via
so now that it's come to a close
i can process all the images i have been bombarded with via
the wall street journal, social media, and billy rood's instagram and twitter
i haven't even looked at his blog yet
it was strange to me how every collection no matter how different
had these really strong similarities
weather it be in the design itself
i came up with what i thought were some really strong similarities and
my following posts will show them
oxblood, hunter and sea foam green, cobalt blue, red orange
leather, quilted textures, silk, creative knits, velvet, shearling
also, the practicality and ability of some of these really creative looks 
to be pulled apart and actually worn was consistent in most of the collections

there is something else i need to put out there about my 
growing disinterest in the fashion community at large
and how serious it's taken and the level of importance 
that is put on a frivolous luxury
yes it can be argued that it's a billion dollar business and 
we need to have clothes 
the whole work of art thing
none of this changes the fact that 
none of it is necessary 
and makes me want to bring up that notion that 
no one cares who you were high school
who gives a shit if you are in the first two rows of proenza schouler
i mean what does that really do for you? or mean?
i like fashion because it's fun to wear
i love a bag because it's beautiful and serves a purpose

i look at images of shows because it's fun to look at
 i'm feeling very jaded 
will it pass?

this should not be interpreted as me dissing designers 
i feel quite the opposite
i think that the man or woman behind the collection is the only 
respectable part of this business
it seems like everyone else is just an egomaniac 
it seems rare that a stylist, photographer or an editor is in it
just to create

if we are measuring egos here 
im pretty sure marc jacobs & tom ford 
would loose to most people sitting in the front row of one of their own shows
who couldn't in their wildest dreams come up with anything close to what
TF or MJ
have created or accomplished in their lifetime
just look at what marc put out there this season

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