Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ryan shulz may be my favorite living artist
because of
his ability to depict what one may think are
hideous and disgusting acts
blows my mind
smoking cigs shooting up slouching sideways all strung out
is still somehow simply so
the first time i saw ryan's work was on a post card elena gave me
the painting on it was the last one above of the kid laying on the oriental with 
the beginning of a shiner smoking a cigarette
there was no name or contact info on it
everyone who saw the postcard on my fridge thought it was a photo of me
i wanted terribly to have the painting but had no way of reaching the artist
then years later walking around in wicker park on a sunday
there it was in this completely random pop up shop
i asked this girl working there if i could buy it 
she told me they couldn't sell the paintings that they were there on loan or something
and that i couldn't afford it anyway
well, i found ryan and with time Jakub Smoking will be mine 
it only took like three years

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