Wednesday, February 2, 2011


this is whats in my bag at the movies. i had a separate bag with 5 waters in it. we still bought candy popcorn and more candy. gross over consumption. as far as the film, it was pretty good considering nothing happened. seriously, out of the group i went with i think i was the only one who seriously liked it. i wanted to see somewhere for  a while but it was only playing at century in evanston which is a real pain to get to unless you live in evanston; needless to say i put it off until recently. the whole time i found myself making associations with objects and ideas like greed, resolution, unconditional love, disrepair, growth. the movie read like a bret easton ellis novel. it was very literary. watching the movie was like reading a book. check out what tavi said she's the shit. impressive is an understatement.

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