Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Timeless for sure. A masterpiece full of style with a tragic hero. The spot on portrayal of Italian Americans is so natural and real. What's really amazing is guys I know today talk just like Pesci and DeNiro in the film which takes place about 60 years ago. I realized a long time ago how lucky I am to have been exposed to such old school and completely authentic real life Italian characters. They socialized in folding chairs outside in the forties and fifties and we still do today. Yesterday my friend Al (also italian) and I sat in my garage and watched the rain. I felt like one of my Nona's neighbors from her house on Maria Ct. The wardrobe is also beautifully Italian. Men in suits with dramatic collars, gaudy cufflinks, dego-ts under bowling shits. DeNerio's dego-t look is so classic and tough and comfortingly familiar to me. And, every man should aspire to look like he does in khakis and a black polo. That black car... Last words, leopard robe.

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